Commercial Real Estate Development and Risk Management Solutions

GSG is a trusted consultant and partner to corporations, real estate investors, and developers looking to buy, sell, or build in the challenging real estate market. Our integrated team of professionals has the proven leadership, knowledge, and experience to deliver strategic results for real estate acquisitions and dispositions. To support critical decision-making about real estate transactions, GSG has extensive experience tailoring our due diligence and geotechnical engineering services to manage the uncertainties and risks associated with conditions hidden below ground.  We identify the risks and work with your project team to achieve economically viable, structurally sound, and environmentally acceptable solutions with the overall goal of reducing your risk and adding value to the project.

Whether your project involves a brownfield or greenfield parcel, GSG can help manage the challenges posed with developing commercial real estate by creating tailored, cost-effective solutions that balance budget, risk, and schedule considerations. As part of our comprehensive environmental assessment services, we quantify potential costs and schedule implications due to the presence of hazardous building materials or subsurface environmental contamination.  We also offer extensive experience conducting assessments of the feasibility and costs of various foundation types as well as options to address unsuitable soil conditions to meet site development needs.

To help manage your existing commercial properties, we identify current and potential environmental liabilities and develop management strategies that meet regulatory obligations and your budget constraints.  From programs to safely manage asbestos-containing materials to resolving indoor air quality issues, we have a solution to your environmental concerns.  Our geotechnical engineering services can be used to determine the causes of settlement, cracking, or other premature deterioration of building foundations, pavements, or underground infrastructure. Our cost-effective solutions help you maintain and operate a safe building environment and minimize facility repair costs.

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