Balancing Complex Regulatory Demands While Helping Provide Top-Notch Care

As caretakers of the community, healthcare providers take on the vital role of supplying patients with first-rate medical services that protect and preserve human health and well-being.  In recent years, this role been expanded to include measures that will also protect the natural environment. In balancing these needs, healthcare providers must be aware of and comply with the complex set of regulations that govern their operations and the management of their waste.

When working with your facility, we collaborate with your internal administrative, management, patient care, environmental, facilities, laboratory, and legal teams to develop programs that meet your facility’s unique needs. We also recognize the need to plan and implement our work in a manner that is sensitive to the needs of your patients and their families, many of which are likely experiencing serious or critical health issues. Whether we are conducting a brief facility inspection or developing an environmental management program for a major facility renovation, our first priority is to respect the privacy and protect the health and safety of the patients and visitors in your facility.

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