I-90 Jane Addams Memorial Tollway Civil Design

Milepost 78.65 to Milepost 72.70, ISTHA Contracts JA-1-1, JA-1-2, JA-1-6

Project Description

The overall project consisted of complete roadway and ramp designs for all contracts throughout the I-90 widening and reconstruction as well as complete full barrier warrant analysis for the areas of concern throughout the project. The total length of the project was 5.6 miles.


We provided transportation engineering services to prepare roadway plans for the I-90 contracts, including the following:

  • Created profiles for exit and entrance ramps throughout the project
  • Designed roadway according to ISTHA design criteria
  • Created cross-sections for length of project
  • Created roadway alignment design alternatives for side streets conflicting with proposed bridges
  • Completed quantity calculations
  • Coordinated with structural team to ensure all bridge and retaining wall clearance requirements were satisfied
  • Completed Barrier Warrant Analysis for areas of concern

GSG Advantage

This was a project that required coordination between members of a multi-disciplinary team. GSG worked closely with the project team and delivered the services within time and budget.

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