CTA Red Line Track Replacement

CTA Red Line Track Replacement and Station Improvements

Project Description

The project involved the total replacement of approximately 10 miles of track between the 16th Street Portal and 95th Street Station and improvements to the nine stations located between Cermak/Chinatown and 95th Street. The track renewal portion of the project included the removal of all existing ballast, rails, ties, electrical duct bank, catch basins and sewer lines, signal equipment, and some subsurface soil. The station improvements portion of the project included the construction of new elevators at three stations (upgrades to the electrical systems at all nine stations (including installation of new security cameras and message boards), and the removal of old paint prior to repainting each station.


GSG was enlisted to assist in documenting all phases of demolition, construction, and testing for the track renewal and station improvements. GSG’s field inspectors were required to provide daily feedback to CTA regarding any work being conducted, to act as liaison between CTA management and contractors, and to insure that all work was being completed both safely and in strict accordance to project design specifications. Additionally, GSG staff served as Safety Manager for the construction management team and worked closely with other safety personnel and OSHA inspectors.

GSG also conducted an environmental investigation prior to the construction phase which included sampling of the existing ballast and collecting more than 100 subsurface soil samples to document conditions between 16th Street and 95th Street prior to any excavation activities. GSG staff prepared a Preliminary Soils Report to assist the CTA and its contractors in determining the appropriate off-site soil & ballast disposal strategy.

GSG’s construction, safety, and environmental services for the Red Line Track Renewal and Station Improvements project contributed to the successful elimination of existing slow zones which had substantially impacted travel times, upgrading stations for an improved commuter experience, and bringing stations into ADA compliance. The successful completion of this project resulted in improving the overall safety of CTA Red Line commuters, and the highly ambitious schedule and scope of work was completed on time and within budget.

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