Hegewisch Marsh Delineation and Remedial Oversight

Hegewisch Marsh Delineation and Remedial Oversight

Project Description

Hegewisch Marsh is composed of approximately 100 acres of forests, riverbank, wetlands and uplands in the center of the Calumet Open Space Reserve in Southeast Chicago. GSG Consultants, Inc. was retained by the City of Chicago Department of Environment (CDOE) to perform delineation and remedial oversight at Hegewisch Marsh.


GSG’s scope of work included reviewing reports from previous investigations and identifying hot spots at the site. Delineation sampling and reporting was conducted in accordance with all applicable subsections of the IEPA. In addition, laboratory procedures and methods met the minimum specified detection limits in accordance with IAC Part 742, TACO. GSG also developed a plan to address the contamination that identified remediation work limits, contractor access, staging areas, horizontal and vertical extent and quantities of excavation while also overseeing and directing remedial work.

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