Michael Reese Hospital Campus Demolition

Michael Reese Hospital Campus Demolition 

Project Description

Michael Reese Hospital and Medical Center was one of the oldest and largest hospitals in Chicago, Illinois comprised of a 29-building campus on 48 acres of property near Lake Michigan. The hospital filed for bankruptcy and abandoned the facility which remained shuttered for nearly 10 years until the Chicago 2016 Olympic organizing committee had advocated a plan to construct the Olympic Village on the Michael Reese site as a reuse project.


GSG’s scope of work included providing construction management services for asbestos abatement and ambient air quality monitoring throughout the abatement and demolition process. Our asbestos abatement services included monitoring and documentation of all contractor observation for compliance with the project specifications and regulatory requirements to ensure appropriate work practices were implemented to control asbestos emissions. Community concerns over the possibility that emissions from demolition and remediation activities could adversely impact the community,  GSG implemented an ambient air quality monitoring program including the use of 8 monitoring stations around the campus. Real-time and laboratory sample analysis for asbestos, lead, respirable and total dust, respirable silica, and other potential contaminants were monitored and used as the basis to modify construction practices.

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