Chicago to St. Louis High Speed Rail Program

Project Description

More than 90 percent of the over 35 million corridor trips have origins or destinations in Chicago or St. Louis. A more balanced transportation system in the corridor would provide travelers with greater mobility options. Reduced travel time, increased service reliability, and enhanced safety would attract travelers from automobile and air travel to a new or improved rail mode of transportation.


GSG has been selected as the lead geotechnical engineer for the $1.1 Billion corridor improvements from Dwight, IL to St. Louis Missouri. GSG will be responsible for performing subsurface geotechnical soil investigations and preparing geotechnical reports and structure geotechnical reports (SGRs) for various improvements associated with the High Speed Rail (HSR) project. The field exploration, laboratory testing, and reporting will be performed in accordance with the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) Geotechnical Manual, IDOT Geotechnical Manual Users Memoranda, IDOT Roadway and Bridge Manuals, and AASHTO LRFD procedures and guidelines for bridges.

For this critical infrastructure improvement program, GSG’s evaluations will include settlement analysis, slope stability, foundation analysis for foundation type, drainage and drainage systems, scour evaluations and remedial treatments, seismic evaluation, and construction considerations.  At this time, geotechnical engineering studies are planned at total of 218 grade crossings throughout the HSR corridor.

GSG has been selected to support Phase I design services for work associated with the preparation of various environmental studies for the improvement of the Chicago to St. Louis (CHISL) HSR Full Build-Out project. The work is anticipated to fulfill the requirements for Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) Categorical Exclusion or Environmental Assessment levels of review. In particular, GSG will provide expertise in a broad range of technical areas including environmental due diligence, non-hazardous/hazardous waste assessment and mitigation, and NEPA document preparation. Environmental studies will focus on proposed work areas which extend beyond those previously assessed as part of the 2004 Record of Decision.

GSG Advantage

Connecting the largest markets in the region to Chicago through rail will create new jobs, stimulate private investment, expand transportation options and reduce our environmental impact.

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