The Dana-Thomas House

The Dana-Thomas House

Project Description 

The historical site at the Dana Thomas House includes the “Main House” as well as a 4,000 SF two-story Coach House.  The Dana Thomas House was constructed in 1904 in Springfield, Illinois. Renovations are needed to maintain the structure and required services at the site include upgrading the HVAC system in the Coach House, including replacing the boilers, air-cooled water chiller, associated pumps, piping and selective ceiling and flooring replacement, installing conditioning in the mechanical room and repairing/replacing the roof. Additional services also provide for signage and for repairing the fountain, including the plumbing lines, system access and controls and repairing the foundation and plumbing assemblies.


GSG will review the Asbestos Management Plans for the purpose of identifying suspect Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) that may potentially disturb the proposed renovation activities at the site. GSG’s scope of work will include Industrial Hygiene Services in the Dana Thomas “Main House” as well as the Coach House.  GSG will review the findings to estimate the quantities of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM), assumed ACM, and new suspect ACM that may be disturbed during the project, and provide recommendations for sampling and abatement phase activities. GSG will also estimate the number of samples that may be required for the assumed and new suspect ACM.

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