University of Illinois Restroom Renovation

University of Illinois Restroom Renovation

Project Description

The Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois required a Professional Services Consultant for the design, bid/award, and construction phase services for Phase I restroom renovation at the Pennsylvania Avenue Residence Halls (Babcock and Saunders). This project will remodel the existing multi-user restroom space on each floor of two residence halls into eight single-user restrooms within the existing footprint of the present restroom space. The remodel will provide flexibility in assigning floors on a coeducational basis, improved privacy and comfort, and accessible accommodations.


GSG is providing environmental consulting services in four phases including Environmental Survey/Schematic Design, Design Development/Construction Documents, Bidding and Negotiation, and Construction Administration.  GSG completed initial review of existing hazardous material management plans for the buildings to determine the presence and location of any previously identified asbestos containing materials (ACM) or lead-based paint (LBP) which may have been affected by the project. Remediation drawings, specifications, and other documents necessary for the bidding and construction of the project as well as an updated cost estimate and phasing plan will be prepared.  A site specific work plan as well as detailed abatement drawings identifying locations of materials and placement of containments will also be prepared. GSG will provide project oversight to facilitate the timely completion of the abatement work including monitoring removal contractor activities and collecting final clearance samples. Upon final visual acceptance of asbestos abatement, GSG will collect either PCM or TEM air samples to determine if the work area is safe for re-occupancy.  A written report describing the clearance sampling methodology, a description of the project, and the results of the abatement air and wipe sampling results will be prepared. GSG will compare sampling results and site measurements to consensus standards and guidelines and provide recommendations for any additional actions considered warranted.

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